Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, Mexico  From Mexico City, we stopped at one of our favorite cities, Oaxaca.  It was wonderful to be back in this lovely town.  We stayed at a beautiful hotel, Casa Azul, just blocks from the plaza, and had a wonderful seafood dinner at Marco Polo restaurant where they baked our seafood in an outdoor oven.


Along the road from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, we found ground orchids growing and dug up two to take with us.


We rented a condo in Puerto Escondido and had the pool and grounds to ourselves.  It was a lovely walk along the concrete ocean path to the principal beach.


At Hotel Villas Carrizalillo, there is a restaurant called Espaldin which is fantastic.  It is on a cliff overlooking the beach and has wonderful food.  The view is amazing!  From our table, we saw a couple just married taking pictures on the beach below...so romantic!


There are many fishermen on the main beach and every morning people came to buy the catch of the day.


We took a trip south to the small town of Mazunte, which had long empty beaches and several good restaurants, shops and small hotels.  It had an hippie vibe to it and there were a lot of young people visiting.




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