Tlaquepaque, Mexico   Pat's brother and his wife (Jim and Chris) visited us in Mexico.  We spent one day showing them the sights of Guanajuato before driving to Tlaquepaque, a suburb of Guadalajara.  We decided to spend the day and night there before going to Sayulita.  It was a three hour drive from Guanajuato.  We drove through the city of Tequila and passed many, many miles of agave fields which are used to produce tequila.  Here is a photo of an agave field taken from the car:


We stayed at a wonderful b&b, Quinta Don Jose Boutique Hotel.  The location was great, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the hotel.


It was just a short walk from our hotel to the famous shopping district of Tlaquepaque.  There are hundreds of shops with crafts from all over Mexico, and there is a street that is closed to traffic that makes it great for browsing.


Two beautiful girls in Tlaquepaque!


Of course, you can't get away from Catrina!  She is everywhere!


The highlight of our day in Tlaquepaque was a performance by a female mariachi band at El Patio restaurant. Their name is Mariachi Femenil Mujer Latina. They were fantastic!  The best mariachi music I had ever heard, and their performance brought tears to my eyes.  This was the first time we had ever heard a female mariachi group, and it was very exciting. This group of female musicians fascinated me, in their colorful outfits and their long floor-length skirts.  I had a feeling this must be one of the few female mariachi bands in Mexico.  Google their name and listen to them on You Tube!


We walked around the town in the evening, enjoying outdoor music (it was Valentine's Day) and street break dancing.


Sayulita, Mexico  Our house in Sayulita was located on top of a hill, and it had a great view of the ocean.  We were able to see whales from our terrace. 


We enjoyed the beach and weather.  There were a lot of surfers.  Jim took a lesson and practiced surfing the waves.


Toby had a ball at the beach.  He was very popular with the crowd, and he even went swimming!


We visited Puerto Vallarta for the day, and had drinks at the beautiful restaurant, Le Kliff.  Pat and I had been there several times before and the views were still amazing.  They were having a wedding while we were there, and the bride was beautiful.  On the way home, we saw whales nearby.


It was a relaxing week exploring the town, enjoying the beach and restaurants, but we especially enjoyed sharing lots of fun and laughter with Jim and Chris.


After our fun week, it was back to Guanajuato for our last week.  We will be leaving Guanajuato on February 26 (we sure have enjoyed it here!).   We will miss Martin, our house night watchman, who has been so kind and helpful to us during our stay.


Our next stop is Mexico City, where we will be for a month.


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