Valle de Bravo, Mexico   We visited a popular weekend getaway town for the upper class in Mexico City about 2 hours west of Mexico City.   It's built around Lake Avandaro, and it's a popular site for hiking, hang gliding paragliding, water skiing, sailing and kayaking. 

The city is very quaint with narrow cobblestone streets and full of cute restaurants, stores and beautiful homes.  The buildings are white, with red tile roofs.  The town is surrounded by mountains and the drive took us by some snow covered mountains.  We also passed through the Santuario de Mariposas Monarch - the area becomes the monarch butterflies (from Canada) nesting grounds November through March. 


We loved walking and exploring the town. 



We had dessert and drinks at the restaurant Los Veleros and regretted not having lunch there; it is set in a beautiful garden and the food looked amazing.



Tepotzlan, Mexico   Isabelle visited us for a quick trip and we decided to visit Tepotzlan, a popular tourist destination about 47 miles south of Mexico City, and 11 miles north of Cuernavaca.  According to myth, Tepoztlan is the birthplace over 1200 years ago of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god widely-worshipped in ancient Mexico.  The city is nestled between stunning cliffs. 



The town also has a great market.


On top of one cliff is a pyramid built about 700 years old by the Aztecs to worship Tepotztecatl, god of fertility and pulque.  Isabelle did the one hour hike to the top to visit the pyramid and to enjoy the views.



I took a trip home to California to visit my sister in Belvedere and my mom in San Francisco.  I was happy to see them again, and we had a wonderful time together.




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