Baja, Mexico December 2019    We spent the month of December traveling in Baja.  We started our drive in Los Altos, CA.  The roads in Baja are excellent, and the views are spectacular!

We spent a night in San Diego before heading across the border.  We had two overnight stays along the way before we reached Todos Santos, where we checked in to the the lovely Todos Santos Inn.  The town is small, and it has some great art shops and restaurants.  We were glad to have a car to explore, hike and to visit some nice beaches outside the town center. 

We drove to San Jose del Cabo and rented a sea view condo.  Armand, our son, and his girlfriend, Natsuki, will be joining us for 10 days.  They will fly into the airport here. 

We took a drive on the east coast to see the scenery; the paved road turned into a bumpy dirt road.  We stopped at Cabo Pulmo, a marine park, known for its snorkeling and scuba diving.  The scenery was beautiful; the drive was 4 hours due to the dirt road which had much erosion. 

We drove back to Todos Santos with Armand and Natsuki, where we rented a house near the beach, and we could see whales jumping in the ocean from the house patio.

Armand and Natsuki took a tour to swim with the whale sharks and seals in La Paz, which they enjoyed.  The house is located within a 3 minute walk to the beach, where there is a turtle hatching sanctuary.  Every evening during season, they release baby turtles into the ocean.

We enjoyed a hike along the ridge and down to the beautiul Pacific ocean.

Armand and Natsuki rented four wheelers to explore the hills.

They also snorkeled, surfed and rode horses on the beach.

We drove back to San Jose del Cabo where we rented a house.  There's a great art market on Thursday evenings, and it was especially festive because of the Christmas holidays. 


Armand and Natsuki took a boat out in Cabo San Lucas to see the whales, which they enjoyed.

Armand and Natsuki were returning back to California; on our last night, we had a great meal at the 7 Seas Seafood Grill. 

Pat and I drove up the east coast to Los Barriles, a quaint beach town known for its kite surfing.  There are a lot of expats here.  The beaches were beautiful.

We headed north and stopped at El Triunfo, a tiny town with a famous restaurant run by a man from California...the food is outstanding!  It's a must stop, and you won't forget the food.

Along the way, we spotted a sign for wine tasting....we're so glad we stopped!  In addition to wine, they had delicious cheeses, meats and fruit wine, all grown and produced on their beautiful property.  Rancho La Venta was a highlight of our trip.

We stayed a couple of nights in La Paz; we were here previously on our sailboat "Cosmos".  It's a great place for seafood.  Ceviche anyone?

Our Baja trip was coming to an end....we're so glad we had the month to explore the lovely towns and beautiful scenery.  What great memories we will have!


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