La Paz, Baja California   October 2016   We left Ensenada on September 30, bound for La Paz in the Sea of Cortez.  Sushi is ready with her life jacket!

It will be a 7 - 8 day passage to La Paz, if we average 5 to 6 knots per hour.  The weather offshore was cold and conditions predicted were 7 to 12 knot wind.  Sushi was apprehensive, since it was her first sail, as well as ours on this boat. 

The second day the wind picked up, and there were 20 - 25 ft. waves.  Since we were sailing downwind, we were surfing some of the swells as long as the wind held its direction.  These uncomfortable conditions lasted for two days.  Nights were hard to sleep, with rocking and boat noises caused by the wind and waves.  Several times we had dolphins playing at our bow, as well as having fun in the waves.

As we approached Cabo San Lucas, conditions improved.

We lost our autopilot in Cabo San Lucas.  We had to manually steer the boat overnight towards La Paz, where we plan to get the autopilot repaired.  En route, we stopped at an anchorage in Los Muertos, about 55 south of La Paz.

It sure is nice to relax after 7 days on the boat!  The water is clear and so warm (85 degrees!); we all enjoyed ourselves.  One more day to La Paz!

We stayed at Marina La Paz for a week.  It was great to clean up the boat, get laundry done, replenish food, and get the autopilot repaired.  We took a five day trip to Isla Espiritu Santo (a marine park) and Partida Island, about a three hour boat trip from La Paz.  We often had anchorages to ourselves.  The contrast of tall cliffs and the clear, blue waters was dramatic.  The water was warm, about 85 degrees F, and there was an abundance of marine life: sea lions, dolphins, rays, turtles and so many species of fish and crustaceans.  We enjoyed snorkeling and swimming in these waters; Sushi enjoyed the water too.




We anchored outside of the marina for a few days.  We had dolphins visit us several times during our stay.  Sushi got pretty excited when they came by.


Our motor sail to Puerto Vallarta was uneventful....not much wind so we had to motor much of the way.  It took us 2 1/2 days.  As we left the Sea of Cortez, a sea lion came to say goodbye.


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