Update on Pat and Susan:  Well, here it is mid July and we're still in Ft. Lauderdale.  Susan has been working on boat projects and getting ready for our next trip.  We've also taken the opportunity of the time visiting our families. Pat's assignment was extended through mid-August and because it is hurricane season, we need to wait until November for our next cruise.  We've decided to cruise the western Caribbean this season.  We've been spending our free time updating the boat:  rebuild the windlass, re-insulate the refrigerator, replace ports and hatches, replace the anchor chain, varnish the woodwork, replace cockpit and salon cushions, install carpet, etc, etc.  

Update on Scruffy:  Scruffy had developed kidney problems due to old age.  He wasn't able to hold his urine and grew increasingly tired.  After a consultation with the vet, we decided to put him down.  He was 12-1/2 years old.  It's so sad and lonely without him.  He's been a big part of this family and we miss him.  We were happy he was able to travel with us.

Update on Isabelle:  After graduating suma cum laude with a business degree from Berkeley, Isabelle accepted a six-month job at Club Med in Florida.  She then went to Los Angeles and took on a job as project manager for an international trade show company.  In the meantime, her application to the Peace Corps was accepted.  On July 26, 2006 she traveled to Mali in west Africa for a two-year assignment as a small business development manager.  She's excited about the opportunity, although we worry about her being so far away. 

Update on Armand:  He's now entering his junior year and is enjoying living and studying in beautiful northern California, among the redwoods.  He is doing very well in school and we're proud of him.  He has changed his major to international studies. 

Update on Orchid Lady:  We've had our boat crewed back for us by a couple, Andy and Anna Clarkson-Berry, who lived on their boat in Grenada.  They made the trip from Grenada to Ft. Lauderdale in 10 days!  Unbelievable.  What great captains they were.  We're happy to have the boat back, and we will live aboard the boat until Pat concludes his job.


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