San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  May - August, 2017      We have decided to base ourselves here, as Pat has accepted a two month project to work at a mine in Namibia.  I'll hang out here with Sushi; Pat will be able to travel back here after one month's time.  It was nice to be back this scenic town full of beautiful architecture, art and cool shops. 


Pat is leaving for his two month project in Namibia on May 10.  I will hang out here and he will visit me once a month.   The first house we rented was in Atascadero, on a hill above the center of the town.  It's a quiet neighborhood, and although the walk down to town is easy, it's a climb to get back up the hill.  We often took taxis home.  The second house we rented was in Guardiana, closer to the center of town with no hills to climb.

There's an abundance of art classes with excellent teachers in this town, ceramics, weaving, jewelry making, sculpting, painting and more.    I took an acrylic art class at the Instituto Allende.

I visited my family in the Bay Area, California.  I flew out of Mexico City, as they were direct flights to San Francisco. 

Our daughter, Isabelle, who lives in Dakar, Senegal, arrived mid August, and she will spend a week with us.  We were together last December; we're very happy to see her in San Miguel!

We rented a beautiful home on Terraplen in centro; it was a great place to come home to after a busy day on the town.



We had fun wandering the town, window shopping and admiring the beautiful arts and crafts.

 We visited the Cuna de Tierra winery located in the countryside, near the town of Dolores Hidalgo.  The wine was not as good as the wine region of Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, but it was a nice tasting.

Yoga in the vineyards!

A quick visit to the Sanctuary of Atotonilco built in the 18th century.

We visited the private Mexican folk art collection of Mayer and Susan Schacter, at Galeria Atotonlico.  The art was beautiful, whimsical and delightful!

We enjoyed many good meals including Azotea for mezcal drinks one evening.  The view of the Parroquia was stunning!

We also enjoyed La Mezcaleria for lunch, which included a mezcal mixed cocktail with fried grasshoppers on the side.  Crunchy!

Lunch at the rooftop of El Pegaso was great, including the views and the sangria!


We went for a hike in the hills above the city at Landeta park.  Sushi loves to go there to swim and fetch sticks in the dam. 



Isabelle is a yoga instructor, and she dragged me to a few yoga classes.  It was difficult to keep up with her!  We enjoyed Float Sano, where we did a float after a yoga session.  They had private float rooms with showers.  The "pods" are filled with concentrated levels of Epsom salt and water at body temperature, and it's easy to float and to completely relax.  Here is what floating regularly is purported to achieve:

Speed up inner and physical healing as you float effortlessly on Epsom salt water. By minimizing light, sound, & gravity, your mind enters a deep meditative state, and your body recovers from stress, overexertion, and chronic ailments.

Floating regularly can help you:

Relieve stress

Sleep better

Reduce pain

Manage chronic conditions

Boost your athletic performance

Gain mental clarity

Feel a natural high

We thoroughly enjoyed our one hour session, it was so relaxing.  I was completely relaxed and my mind drifted; Isabelle fell asleep.  We would definitely recommend it! 

Sadly, our time together came to an end.  Have a safe trip back home Isabelle; hasta la proxima vez!




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