Kauai  December 2014   After many years of trying to persuade Pat to visit Hawaii, he finally agreed to a trip to Kauai.   I had the opportunity to stay the month of December; Pat joined me the last two weeks.  This was my third trip to the islands;  I had visited Kauai about 35 years ago, and boy has it changed!  It's still beautiful, but development and traffic have definitely made its impact.  We rented a condo in Princeville (located on a golf course) on the north shore  There seems to be more nature on the north shore, and we're glad we chose to stay there.


I visited the animal shelter and discovered that I could take a dog out for the day.  I took this little guy, Joey, for a walk.  He sure was a great dog.  There was a couple adopting a dog to take back to the mainland.  We are not ready to get another dog, but we can't wait when we're able to have a dog again. 


We took a hike near Kaapa, the Kuilau Ridge trail.  It was very beautiful, and we saw very few hikers.




We found many wild ground orchids on our hikes.


The north shore beaches are so beautiful, and not crowded!  We enjoyed taking our chairs on the beach, having a picnic and snorkeling.


See the eel hiding in the rocks.


We encountered a Hawaiian monk seal on the north shore, who came to take a nap on/in the sand.


Hanalei Bay is so pretty!


We took a drive to Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.


We stopped at the Grand Hyatt on the south shore for a late lunch, and afterwards we watched their hula show.


At Shipwrecks Beach on the south shore, I swam with a giant sea turtle!!


We hiked about 3 miles (our limit) along the famous (and difficult) NaPali Coast trail.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of hikers along the trail.  I am sure the crowd thinned out after the first 3 miles, because the trail becomes very difficult. 


We loved seeing beautiful orchids in Kauai. 


We loved our stay in Kauai; it was peaceful and relaxing.  We'd love to return one day!  Goodbye for now....Aloha!



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